Orlando Bloom thinks being famous is like "being inside a burning car".

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

The 40-year-old actor - who has six-year-old son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr and is rumoured to have rekindled his romance with Katy Perry - is a practising Buddhist and finds meditating daily helps him to cope with his "celebritydom" with grace and integrity.

He said: "[I meditate every day], it allows me to set my intention for the day.

"It helped me to cope with my sudden rise to celebritydom, a process a little bit like getting inside a burning car.

"You see these victims all around you - 15 minutes of fame, a YouTube sensation, whatever it may be.

"They don't realise what it takes.

"What you want to do is learn how to suit up and get out of that burning car with grace, ease, and integrity."

Orlando is very excited about being in his 40s because he thinks it is a great time of life.

He explained to Britain's OK! magazine: "There's a wisdom that comes with age and finding joy in simple pleasures.

"I have a child, a few scars, a bit of living behind me, I'm impatient to know the next chapter, to become the man I'm supposed to be."

The 'Lord of the Rings' actor is an avid user of Instagram and sees it as a brilliant option to communicate with his fans.

He explained: "I see it as a great way to connect with my fans. I avoided it for years.

"I don't have a Twitter account but last year I signed up to Facebook too.

"My mum kept an article that said this kid had been Googled more than anyone on the planet for four years in a row - and it was me they were talking about."