Orlando Bloom "can't wait" to have more children.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

The 'Carnival Row' actor - who has eight-year-old Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr - is currently engaged to Katy Perry and is very excited about their future together, though he knows their respective careers won't make things easy.

He said: "I can't wait to get married again and have more kids at some point in my life.

"That's really important to me but I still feel like I'm growing up.

"Being in this industry, there's so much public attention and you're often flung to the far corners of the world.

"You can spend a lot of time apart and that can be challenging, so I think it's important to make each relationship your own."

The 42-year-old actor admitted both his profession and Katy's as a singer adds more of a "challenge" to their relationship because they don't have the regularity of a working routine.

He explained to Britain's OK! magazine: "For many people, you go to work in the morning and then you come home at night - and that's when you see your partner. That's the norm.

"The norm is this - you live with that person and spent 24 hours a day with them, or maybe there are nine hours in the middle where you don't see them, but you have that routine.

"When you don't have a routine, that's the challenge.

"It takes more time to get comfortable. I mean, it's a rollercoaster ride in terms of the attention you get on a day to day basis, so you just have to allow time to take care of it and you have to trust the relationship will blossom."

Orlando believes "trust" is vital in a relationship but also thinks it's helpful that both he and the 'Dark Horse' singer are in the public eye.

He said: "Interests and beliefs in common are always good.

"It's also good to have a mutual understanding of where you are at in life and what you're doing.

"Being able to share experiences and having somebody who understands what you're going through is great too. I think trust is the foundation of any relationship, it's the basic necessity."