Oscar Isaac feels "fortunate" that he got to spend as much time as possible with his mother before she died.

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac

The 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' actor's mum Maria discovered she was suffering from a serious illness last October so Oscar shelved as many of his work commitments as possible to be with her.

During the final months of her life before she passed away in February, Oscar did as many special things as he could with Maria, including taking her to the Golden Globes with him and flying her to Madrid, Spain, so she could see his latest movie 'The Promise' being made and show her a cut of the film and he is grateful for all the moments they shared.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, the 38-year-old Hollywood star said: "I was really fortunate to be able to just be with her the entire time and not be off on some set somewhere. At first, we didn't know how ill she was, and she didn't either, but as things progressed, it was much easier to say no to things. At a certain point, it was like, clearly, 'I'm not going to be doing anything.' "

Oscar was very happy that his mother enjoyed the final film of his that she watched as 'The Promise' - a World War I period drama focusing on the Armenian genocide - is a project he is personally very proud of.

He said: "It's like a great movie for moms. I have to say when I first watched it, I said, 'I think moms are really going to like the movie. I showed it to her, and sure enough, she's like, 'I love it, Oscar. I love it.'"

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