Parminder Nagra got the surprise of her life when George Clooney gatecrashed her 30th birthday dinner.

Parminder Nagra was delighted with the unexpected surprise

Parminder Nagra was delighted with the unexpected surprise

The actress, now 46, landed a role in the 'ER' - the programme which made the Hollywood heart-throb a household name - back in 2003, four years after he left the show.

However, that didn’t stop the actor coming over to say hello when he spotted her out for dinner when she was celebrating her 30th birthday, and he shared tales from his time on the medical drama.

In an interview with The Big Issue magazine, Parminder explained: “One of the most amazing moments in my life was my 30th birthday party.

“I was still in ‘ER’ and George Clooney just happened to be in the same restaurant. And he came over to our table, where my family were all sitting, to tell stories.

“I remember I stopped talking and just was staring at him and thinking, ‘What is happening? God, if I died right now … I’d die so happy’.”

Parminder went on to call the actor “such a gentleman”, and joked one her friends thought they'd stumbled into "a twilight zone".

She adding: “So lovely. My good friend arrived a bit later and came over and George Clooney was sitting at our table chatting away.

“I think my friend thought he was in a twilight zone.”

Parminder played Dr. Neela Rasgotra in the hit medical drama from 2003 until 2009.

George rose to fame as Dr. Doug Ross in the show, starring from 1994 until 1999 before leaving to pursue a career in films.

He returned to the series in the sixth series for a cameo appearance and his character came back once again to appear in the last ever episode which was broadcast in 2009.

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