Paul Mescal has had the most "stressful but exciting" time of his life in lockdown.

Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal

The 'Normal People' star admits it has been strange finding international fame during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to US' GQ magazine, he said: "To be thrust into the spotlight in a time when everyone's living in these really stressful environments of f****** COVID and trying to survive. It's just been the most adrenaline-fuelled, stressful, exciting of my life."

Meanwhile, Paul previously revealed he receives "intense" DMs on social media.

He said: "I felt objectified after 'Normal People'. It's to be expected, given the intimacy of my scenes, but it doesn't make it easier. I daren't read some of the intense DMs I receive. But it's not enough to put me off the industry. The power of Connell's chain was completely unexpected. And a bit frightening! It became this totemic being that lived outside the show.'"

And Paul admits he nearly didn't go into acting, considering joining the army when he was just 16-years-old.

He added: "I almost joined the army at 16. But my love for Gaelic football and acting kept me in Ireland. In Year 11, I played the lead in The Phantom Of The Opera and fell for being onstage. I'd never have imagined that Andrew Lloyd Webber would one day ask me to do a singalong, as he did this summer."

And Paul previously insisted his sex symbol status won't last.

The 24-year-old actor said: "It's very sex forward, obviously. I try not to think about it too much honestly because I don't think it's particularly useful ... It's not permanent; it's a temporary thing I think."

Paul has been nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series alongside the likes of Hugh Jackman and Mark Ruffalo and he finds it "surreal" to be competing against his heroes.

He explained: "There's been tons of people that have reached out. The one recently, I think two or three weeks ago, Hugh Jackman reached out and I'm a massive, super fan of him. He sent the most gorgeous email and now I'm kind of pinching myself that I'm nominated in the same category as him and it just feels really surreal."