Penny Lancaster has made her first arrest as a police officer.

Penny Lancaster has made her first arrest as a police officer

Penny Lancaster has made her first arrest as a police officer

The 50-year-old model began working as a special constable with the City of London Police after completing her training last year.

Penny was on patrol with her colleagues when they stopped a car with two people inside and the driver tested positive for cannabis use after a roadside breath test.

The star - who is married to music legend Sir Rod Stewart - has admitted she was nervous and almost forgot to read the man his rights, but said it didn't take long for her training to kick in.

Penny told the BBC's 'Crimewatch Live' programme: "My first arrest was a drug drive.

"There was a couple of suspects whose vehicle was pulled over and a test was taken on the side of the road which came back positive for cannabis so driving under the influence.

"I was given the wink and the nod by the officers that were with me.

"First of all I did get a bit of stage struck moment where I felt all the words of caution had left me but luckily they came into action and all my training proved important there."

Rod previously explained how his wife "loves" life in the police but confessed that he is unable to sleep until Penny has safely completed her shift.

The 'You Wear It Well' singer said: "She absolutely loves the police work. She did eight months-worth of studying and physical exercise, and I supported her all the way.

"Now she works Thursday nights, and she goes around Tower Bridge and that side of the city [in London], so she's fairly safe. Then she'll call me when she's done and I send a driver to pick her up.

"When she says she's on the way home, I can go to bed. Otherwise I don't sleep, obviously. But she could be in the station until two o'clock in the morning because if something happens, she has to fill in all the forms. But she's loving it."

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