Peta Murgatroyd has to limit her son's screen time because he's "obsessed" with using his iPad.

Peta Murgatroyd

Peta Murgatroyd

The 32-year-old professional dancer has 21-month-old son Shai with her husband and fellow dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy, and has said they have to make sure he only spends one hour a day on the electronic device, because she knows he'd "be on that thing all day if he could".

She said: "He loves his Daffy Duck, he loves his green froggy and he's obsessed with the iPad but we give it to him for one hour a day only because he would be on that thing all day if he could.

"This technology thing is kind of crazy, actually, because they get hooked on it very early, so it's limited to an hour."

The 'Dancing with the Stars' professional also admits pregnancy was a tough time for her, and says she "did lose it a little bit in the last four weeks" before welcoming her son in January 2017.

She added: "I was in our New Jersey house by myself for three weeks straight and it was hard. It's a big house and I was there all by myself, waddling around, not being able to tie my shoes by myself - I'd have to roll onto my back and put my shoes on above my head. It was really difficult ... and just not to have that support there too."

But the blonde beauty insists there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and says that although pregnancy might feel like an "extremely long" nine months, the "miracle at the end" will make it all worth it.

Sharing her advice to pregnant women, Peta told People magazine's 'Celeb Parents Get Real' series: "The nine months in particular, for me, felt extremely long because I'm so used to being active and I'm so used to being able to get up and go to the gym, go and do some dancing, and I couldn't do really any of that from six months onward.

"It was kind of difficult. So if anybody is experiencing that, just think about the miracle at the end and then everything will be okay."