Pete Davidson has left Saturday Night Live .

Pete Davidson has left Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson has left Saturday Night Live

The 28-year-old comedian - who ha been dating reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian since October 2021 following her split from Kanye West - has been part of the sketch comedy show since 2014 but stepped down on Saturday (21.05.22) and paid tribute to his time on the programme with a "super emotional" Instagram post.

Sharing a throwback video, he wrote: "This video was taken 8 years ago. Jerrod sent it to me last night and it made me super emotional in the best way. In the video I had just gotten back from doing my very first update and sketch. It’s crazy to think that today I’ll be doing my last one. When I got the show I was 20 years old and I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t but especially back then. "

Pete - who has previously dated the likes of pop star Ariana Grande and Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale - went on to explain that he "knew" he wasn't really suited to sketch comedy but kept up with his co-stars by playing up to his skills as a stand up comedian.

He wrote on Instagram: "I wasn’t really a sketch performer I was just a stand up. I knew I could never keep up or go toe to toe with a Kenan Thompson or a Kate McKinnon so I was super scared at figuring out what I could possibly bring to or do for such a historic, respected show and platform. I figured since I’m a stand up I’ll just try my stand up and personal bits on Weekend Update as myself and I’m so glad I did. I got to share so much with this audience and literally grow up in front of your eyes. We were together through the good and the bad, the happiest and the darkest of times.

"I owe [producer] Lorne Michaels and everyone at SNL my life. Im so grateful and I wouldn’t be here without them. I appreciate you guys always having my back and sticking up for me even when that wasn’t the popular opinion."(sic)