Pete Doherty still feels aggrieved that Kate Moss burned his favourite teddy bear.

Pete Doherty always carried his teddy bear with him

Pete Doherty always carried his teddy bear with him

The 43-year-old musician and Kate, 48, had an on-off relationship for several years, and Pete admits it "still rankles" with him that she burnt his favourite teddy before their break-up.

In his new memoir 'A Likely Lad' - an extract of which has been published in the Guardian newspaper - Pete explains: "There was one final big old kick-off. Kate desecrated this 1930s Gibson I had, smashed it up. Then she covered this teddy bear of mine, called Pandy, in petrol and set him alight - it’s not funny. I used to carry him round London with me.

"Deep down in my heart I like to think it’s just a lie and Kate didn’t really destroy him, that she’s still got him, but no, as far as I know, he’s dead, ashes. It still rankles - it was the one thing I’d held on to."

Pete struggled with drug addiction for years, and in 2005, Kate insisted that he attended the Meadows rehab facility in Arizona.

The former Babyshambles star agreed to go to rehab, but his plans were almost derailed before he even boarded a flight to the US.

He explained: "I had all my drugs hidden in my luggage and fell asleep on the hard shoulder on my way to Heathrow in my Jag. I’d stopped for a pipe. I was woken up, with a crack pipe in my mouth, by a policeman banging on the window. He went, 'All right, Pete, you off to rehab?' It was like he knew what was going on, and then I followed the police car all the way to Heathrow. It was so weird.

"When I got to the Meadows, they found all the bits in my baggage, plus what I’d hidden inside the lining of my jeans - they really knew their stuff. It was a different vibe than UK rehab - a mix of absolutely loaded trust-fund kids and people trying to avoid federal convictions by doing rehab.

"After two weeks, Kate was supposed to come and visit me and take me to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, and I got the right hump when she didn’t show up. In the end I did a runner."