Peter Andre has teased his wife about their 16-year age gap after it turned out she hadn't heard of Yogi Bear.

Emily and Peter Andre

Emily and Peter Andre

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker couldn't believe it when Emily, 28, admitted she didn't know what he was talking about when he made a reference to the beloved cartoon character, who first appeared in 'The Huckleberry Hound Show' in 1958.

The loved-up couple appeared on 'Lorraine' on Tuesday (13.02.18), and during a cooking segment, Peter pointed out that his pancake mix bore a passing resemblance to the popular animated bear.

However, Emily didn't quite get what he meant, and he joked: "Oh my gosh, that is the only time I notice the age difference. That and the fact I look older than you! That's about it."

While the couple seem like they're able to joke about the age gap now, Emily admitted in May last year that she often finds it difficult to cope when people criticise their relationship.

She previously said: "In the past I've read people criticising me and Pete, whether it's the age difference or our appearance, and I find it hard when people say I'm too young to be with him - my skin is not thick enough and I find it very upsetting."

Meanwhile, Emily recently revealed she and Peter - who already have Amelia, four, and 14-month-old Theo together - aren't ruling out more children in the future.

She said: "When you're pregnant it's so special and everyone wants to talk you to you about it and you have that amazing feeling of growing a person inside you. It's absolute magic.

"It just brought back all these feelings for me. I worry it's going to become more often now I've thought it once. So I'm not saying I'd have one right this second as I need to work, but I'm not ruling it out."

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