Pink would rather "hang" out with her daughter than go to the gym.

The 'So What' singer is still trying to get back into top shape since she gave birth to Willow in June 2011 and although she has been happy to take her time with her fitness regime she admits there are days when she can't be bothered to exercise.

She said: "I have the time (to exercise) but I have this thing where I look at Willow and I go, 'Should I go to the gym or hang out with you? I think I'm going to hang out with you.' "

Pink insists her husband Carey Hart has no complaints about her few extra pounds but she accepts she has to ditch the last of her baby weight because she is getting ready to go back on tour after her break with her family.

In an interview on the Kyle & Jackie O Show on Australian radio station 2Day FM, she said: "Carey just says its more love ... But he knows it's tour time, he knows that soon there's not going to be much to love."

The 32-year-old pop star also revealed 13-month-old Willow is fun-loving little girl, although she has an unusual approach to sharing.

Pink said: "Willow thinks she's really good at sharing but if the kid doesn't take the toy she'll bash them over the head with it."

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