'Pitch Perfect 3' director felt it was important to keep the characters "very familiar" in the movie, to allow her to explore "bizarre plot twists".

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Trish Sie helmed the third instalment of the comedy musical franchise, which stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, and she felt the key to making a successful follow up, which were previously directed by Elizabeth Banks, was to make the cast relatable to let her go off on wild storylines.

Speaking to Variety Online. She said: "Anna Kendrick's Beca is kind of the grounded one, the prism through which the normal world views these events. Every character has something authentic about them, and it's important, especially as the movie spins off into outer space plot wise, to keep the grounding and to always balance the absurd and the outrageous with something we all relate to.

"If you keep the characters very familiar, you can get away with some bizarre plot twists. I wanted to take it to a new and bigger place so people get something unexpected."

But Trish was eager to take the latest release to a "new place" with her leading the production.

She added: "I wanted to take it to a new place -- to have the same characters you know and love, and they're so funny and weird, and there's something so truthful about each character."

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