Pixie Lott saved her family from plummeting off the edge of a "steep cliff" during a ski holiday.

Pixie Lott at the Children's BAFTAs

Pixie Lott at the Children's BAFTAs

The 26-year-old singer feared for her life when she was vacationing in Puy-Saint-Vincent, in the French Alps, with her relatives when her father, Stephen, lost control of the car while driving down a "really icy road".

Speaking about her near death experience to the Metro newspaper, she said: "I was once on a family skiing holiday in Puy-Saint-Vincent, a tiny resort in south-eastern France, and we had to drive down a really icy road on a steep cliff, which was very scary anyway.

"My poor dad was driving but couldn't keep control of the car and we went careering towards the edge of the cliff."

As they were hurtling towards the edge and nearing the huge drop the Cry Me Out' hitmaker thought quickly and opened the rearside car door, which shifted the balance in the vehicle, and prevented the Lott brood from a fatal accident.

She explained "Everyone was screaming by something instinctive made me open my roadside car door and the shift in balance made the car swerve back onto the road."

Although Pixie and the rest of the family escaped the ordeal unharmed, the moment has stayed with her ever since.

She said: "We were all so shaken".

Pixie was one of the star guests and presenters at the British Academy Children's Awards in London on Sunday night (26.11.17) and on the red carpet she had some words of advice for youngsters looking to break into showbusiness.

'The Voice Kids UK' coach - who broke into the charts with the release of her debut single 'Mama Do' in 2009 - encouraged all budding entertainers to start auditioning at a "really young age" because it massively helped her career.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the Children's BAFTAs at The Roundhouse, Pixie said: "Advice to kids wanting to make it: hard work always pays off, I started at a really young age and I started auditioning and stuff at a really young age and it really set me up for what the industry is like. You have to have the nose and the setbacks to learn and get better, I started in a performing arts school, and I've set up one with my sister [Charli-Ann]. It's an associate school with Italia Conti on a Saturday and we run that together now, we get to work with some amazing kids. It reminds me of when I was young."

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