Prince Harry thinks society is at the beginning "of the mental health awakening".

Prince Harry has spoken out on mental health issues

Prince Harry has spoken out on mental health issues

The 37-year-old royal believes people are "finally paying attention" to mental health issues, and he's determined to play a part in encouraging people to have honest conversations.

He said: "While on the surface it looks like these last couple of years brought all these issues to the foreground, the reality is these struggles and issues have been brewing for quite some time. We’re just at the beginning of the mental health awakening.

"This work has never been more important because people are finally paying attention, and a big component of this mission is building awareness and continuing to pioneer the conversation."

Harry has also encouraged people to quit their jobs if it's making them unhappy.

The prince - who moved to California in 2020 - told Fast Company magazine: "Many people around the world have been stuck in jobs that didn’t bring them joy, and now they’re putting their mental health and happiness first. This is something to be celebrated."

Meanwhile, Prince Harry recently praised AIDS activists for "leading the call for COVID-19 vaccine equity".

He wrote a letter to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - the director-general of the World Heath Organization - and UNAIDS executive director Winnie Byanyima to mark World AIDS Day on December 1.

In the letter, Harry - who has previously undergone public testing for HIV - said: "It is striking to now see the world's leading AIDS activists are also leading the call for COVID-19 vaccine equity.

"Vaccinating the world is a test of our moral character and we are experiencing a spectacular failure when it comes to global vaccine equity. Similar to the AIDS crisis, we've yet again revealed over the past year, that the value of life depends on whether you were born and/or live in a rich nation, or a developing country."

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