Luc Besson found Prince "impossible" to work with.



The acclaimed movie-maker was eager to cast the iconic musician in the 1997 sci-fi film 'The Fifth Element', but the role ultimately went to American comedian Chris Tucker, because Prince couldn't be relied upon.

Recalling the aggravation, Luc said: "Ah, Prince. I love him but it was impossible. He said yes to the part.

"You make a meeting for Monday at noon and he turns up on Tuesday at six. Or he cancels three times. Always so charming and sweet but the reality of musicians doesn't fit with film."

Luc, 58, did his best to accommodate the unusual lifestyle of Prince, who died in April 2016, so that he could fulfil the part.

But, in the end, he decided to hand the role to Chris instead.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Luc remembered: "I warned him a few times and he said, 'But this is my tempo.' Finally, I asked him: 'Do you mind if we just do something less big another time?'"

Despite this, the Parisian is defensive about American culture and feels frustrated by some of the perceived snobbishness of his countrymen.

The 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' director shared: "I've heard so many French people saying, 'Oh, the Americans don't have culture.'

"I want to say, 'When is the last time you went to the Louvre? Shut up!'"

In fact, Luc was initially mocked by his French pals when he revealed his ambition to become a movie director.

And Luc has admitted their reaction left him feeling very isolated.

He explained: "They said: 'Oh, you're gonna work with Alain Delon, are you?'

"You're by yourself. You're too weird for girls. The two subjects I could talk about were dolphins and movies. The girls actually ran away when they saw me."

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