Priyanka Chopra was "blinged out" when she was a baby.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

The 34-year-old actress has admittted she has been clad in bejewelled accessories for as long as she can remember because her family gifted her with bracelets and anklets made from precious stones.

She told, the brunette beauty said: "I started really early ... when I was a baby, I was already blinged out. My parents gifted me silver anklets with tiny bells and a traditional bracelet made with black and gold beads that's meant to ward off evil. I even had a belt made of gold too."

And the 'Baywatch' star believes jewellery is a reflection of the wearers personality, as well as a "subtle hint of glamour".

She explained: "Jewellery is a reflection of your personality and for me, it's always been about those subtle hints of glamour that you can include in your everyday life.

"I think something that lets them express their individuality, certainly something that is versatile and comfortable.

"Nirav Modi jewelry is a lot like that: There's function and a balance that allows you to transform your looks from day to night, effortlessly. What appeals to me most is the versatility of Nirav Modi. There is a certain ease with which you can wear them yet they always make a statement."

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