Professor Green’s marriage to Millie Mackintosh became “toxic”.

Professor Green

Professor Green

The 37-year-old rapper split from the former ‘Made in Chelsea’ star in 2016 after two-and-a-half years of marriage and he’s learned a lot from their relationship, which has benefited his subsequent romances, and now he couldn’t be happier with Karima McAdams, who recently gave birth to their son, Slimane Ray.

He told Closer magazine: “Millie and I must have been in love with each other because there were things that we did for each other that you wouldn’t do if you weren’t.

“But [the relationship] took the focus away from all of my work and I really didn’t like that.

“It became a toxic relationship, to be fair, and it snowballed.

“When I look at it, I’ve had more functional relationships since and now I really a in the happiest place I’ve been in.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Lullabye’ hitmaker has admitted he’s stopped watching the news because it’s too “depressing”, though he insisted he has been taking the coronavirus crisis “very seriously”.

He said: "I can’t watch rolling news any more because it’s just too depressing.

"I am worried about COVID-19 but I couldn’t tell you if I’ve had it.

"So many people have been asymptomatic and I could have been one of them.

"I make sure I wear a mask at all times, so I do take it very seriously, but I don’t watch the news every day."

The chart-topping star previously claimed that the ongoing health crisis has exposed some of society's deep-rooted inequalities.

Reflecting on the impact of the pandemic, he explained: "COVID-19 has just exposed how protected some people are and how vulnerable others are.

"You know what though? It shouldn’t just be Marcus Rashford, it shouldn’t just be me. Anybody who’s from that background and done well for themselves should be using their voice, rather than just sitting around thinking, ‘Oh, I’m glad to be here.'"