Professor Green wasn't the "easiest person to be around" when he was making documentaries about male suicide.

Professor Green

Professor Green

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker - whose father took his own life in 2008 - wanted to raise more awareness about the tragic topic through the medium of documentaries but admits it was "difficult emotionally".

Speaking to London's Evening Standard newspaper, he said: "Ever since I did my documentary on suicide in 2015 I've gone from film to film - I did seven films. It's been nice to be getting back into new songs. Making documentaries can be difficult emotionally. You're talking to people in bad situations and when the cameras leave, you know their situations are still similar to when you first met them. I know I haven't been the easiest person to be around to those close to me."

Meanwhile, Professor Green previously admitted he suppressed the grief he felt over his father's death for years.

In a film made by the mental health charity Heads Together, he explains: "I was petrified. It scared me that people were going to see me at my most vulnerable, in a way that I don't often see myself. But that conversation changed everything because from that point everything was out in the open and I was able to then talk to my friends about it ...

"I never felt suicidal. Yes, there have been times when I've felt so anxious that I've wanted to get out of my skin. But I've never ever thought about how I would do it so I can't say I have been suicidal. I've felt like I just wanted everything to stop, which is very different from wanting to be dead."

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