Professor Green enjoyed observing Ramadan.

Professor Green

Professor Green

The 36-year-old rapper observed the Muslim tradition - which involves a month of fasting - to "reboot his body" earlier this year and credited the experience for making him realise that he can be "disciplined".

He said: "I'm not Muslim, but did the fasting. And do you know what? It's possibly the first time since my late teens that I've done one thing that's good for me, consistently every day, for a month. It reminded me I can be quite disciplined."

The music star - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - even suggested that he could observe Ramadan on an annual basis.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "It will be interesting to see if I can do it with everything I am used to around me. But I would like to ... You get a lot of clarity."

Pro Green grew up on a council estate in London and admits he "narrowly avoided falling through the cracks" when he was younger.

He also expressed relief he has not spent the Covid-19 pandemic in his childhood home.

He explained: "I narrowly avoided falling through the cracks. If I was still in the flat I grew up in, Covid would be a very different situation.

"I still know a lot of people in those situations and it's not pleasant, these large families living in very small spaces without a garden. So when you introduce a lockdown, things get very difficult."

Meanwhile, the rapper recently explained how his passion for cooking has benefited his creativity.

He said: "I'm not living the life of takeaways, I can just leave the studio for an hour and cook some food - which is actually a really nice gap between banging my head against a brick wall because I can't think of the next line.

"I come out, I'm in the kitchen, something's on the stove and then the idea comes into my head. I just have to be careful when I run back into the studio and leave the food on the stove and burn it."

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