Professor Green has been on a "personal mission" to sort his "sh*t out".

Professor Green

Professor Green

The 34-year-old rapper has been keeping a low-profile since he went on a rant after his ex-girlfriend Fae Williams - who he dated for 18 months - reportedly got engaged to her new man Dan Crowe just five months after they split.

However, the 'Lullaby' hitmaker has revealed he's in a better "space" now as he's been taking some time out to work on his mental health as well as his music.

Taking to his Instagram on Wednesday (03.10.18), he said in a video: "I'd just like to say sorry to anyone who I've neglected of late. I have been on a personal mission to sort my sh*t out, which extends beyond just getting work done in the studio and writing columns for 'Book of Man' and coming up with documentary ideas but also just getting my sh*t together and making sure I'm in a good space because it's about to get real f***ing busy and I've got loads of music for you!"

His public apology came just 24 hours after he shared a verse of a new song he's been working on, in which he raps: "My ex is your next it's a TBT [throwback Thursday]/ she texted me to link up that's a TBC [to be confirmed]."

However, Pro Green - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - only gave fans a day to play the second verse before he was deleting it until its release date.

He explained: "It's gone. I told you lot, 24 hours and I'm deleting it. I'm amazed and extremely flattered by all the comments and compliments ... there was like 1800 comments or something and not one negative one.

"I'm excited to drop the song, I'm not going to tell you when it's coming out but it's coming out. It might just be the next single."

Pro Green hit the headlines back in June when he uploaded a photograph of Fae's new man on his Instagram page and wrote: "When your ex downgrades."

He later explained why he decided to troll the pair: "I just got fed up. We had 18 months together and I expected a little bit more respect from her to be honest. I get it because it's like, 'Hey, look at me, I'm over it,' but what it actually says is the opposite. The only 'wrong' that I did was to leave her, because I couldn't be with her any more as she was. I just hope she sorts herself out because from the outside it just looks crass, and stupidly I stooped to her level for one post. It was just a moment of... not madness, but a moment of human. It wasn't because it hurt me seeing her with someone else, it was because I expected better of her."

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