Professor Green thinks social media is "raising a generation of narcissists."

Professor Green

Professor Green

The 34-year-old rapper - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - has hit out at how popular social media has become, as he says it has stopped people from developing "empathy", and made people obsessed with receiving "false validation" through likes on photos.

He said: "We're human beings but we never spend any time being. I know that sounds all peace and love, but I've been through a lot of self-exploration recently and its the 'being' part that we're missing.

"No one is looking up or around - everyone is looking down at their phones. How do you learn to engage and empathise? And if you have no empathy, you have no care. It's just raising a generation of narcissists. And it's false validation - likes on pictures from people you don't even know."

And the 'Read All About It' hitmaker believes there's a clear link between social media and the rise in young people feeling a lack of "purpose".

Green insists there's a "real male crisis" in the world at the moment, and says young men are being "emasculated" as they can't find their "place in the world".

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, he said: "I think that there is a real male crisis at the moment where men don't really understand their place in the world any more. When you look at some of the places I've filmed documentaries, they just feel lost because they aren't breadwinners. There's no bread to win. They're just robbing Peter to pay Paul just to get by, and that's emasculating.

"When you're brought up a certain way and told from being a kid that you're to grow into a man, and a man is someone who works and provides ... where does sensitivity come into all that?

"So it's the breakdown of communities, it's unequal education, it's all the things that we should be standing up for. But people have lost their voice and their purpose."

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