Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton celebrated their Oscars success with a burger and a cup of tea.

Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton at the Oscars

Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton at the Oscars

The couple won the Best Live Action Short Film at the Academy Awards on Sunday night (04.03.18) for their movie 'The Silent Child' - which she wrote and starred in, and he directed - and they toasted their success by gorging on fast food, and event spilt some on their prestigious award.

She said: "We did go to a party, we did a few interviews, went in, had an In-N-Out Burger and then went back to the flat, where our crew were, and had a cup of tea and a celebration with them.

"Chris got a bit of burger on his Oscar."

While the pair - who both previously starred in 'Hollyoaks' - didn't leave Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre empty-handed, they did manage to leave without a goody bag.

She added: "We didn't get one - I don't know how we did this, but we left with the Oscars, and we felt in a bit of a whirlwind, met our parents, met Maisie.

"We went to the Governors Ball to get our Oscars engraved and we left, and it was only when we were back at the flat and we were talking to everyone we noticed we didn't get a goody bag.

"I actually don't know how we've done it."

Rachel made her acceptance speech in sign language after promising her six-year-old co-star Maisie Sly - who plays deaf child Libby in the film - that she would do so, and she can't wait to go home to show her family and friends the award.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', she added: "We're just dying to go home ... there's loads of crew that can't be here that helped us with the movie, so it will be really nice to go home and show them. They were a huge part of why it was successful.

"We've said all along if it ends at the nomination stage we're so happy with that and then they read 'The Silent Child'. It's just so crazy, we still can't believe it now.

"We would love to extend this story, even a feature film or a longer drama, so hopefully it will help with that because it's a pretty decent concept I'd say."