Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora thinks his ex-wife Heather Locklear is "hot".

The Bon Jovi guitarist split from the 52 year old actress, with who he has 16 year old daughter Ava, in 2007, but insists they are closer than ever.

He said: "She's doing her thing on Franklin & Bash and she looks better than ever. She's still hot! We're better friends now than ever."

Richie believes it was essential for the sake of their daughter for the former couple to keep relations cordial.

He told People: "If you don't get along you are messing the kid up. That's what happens. So you have to put that before whatever s**t is going on. Communication has got to come first. There's a cooling off period obviously, as you know - it takes time. It was almost 10 years ago though. So we're fine. Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all spend it together."

The 54 year old musician is very proud of his daughter and thinks she is the person she is today because of her upbringing.

He said: "She's a really good kid. You have to give them the tools to take care of themselves and almost force them when they are small to make decisions on their own so they then get in that groove. I never talked down to her, even when she was a kid. [Now] I rarely have to reprimand her. She's fantastic."