Rick Parfitt's widow didn't tell their children he'd died until after Christmas.

Rick Parfitt

Rick Parfitt

The Status Quo rocker died last Christmas Eve (24.12.16) at the age of 68 as a result of a severe infection but his spouse Lyndsay didn't want to ruin the "excitement" of nine-year-old Lily and Tommy.

She said: "How can you possibly explain to two young children that Daddy has died to two young children at Christmas?

"I was in shock but didn't say anything - I let them enjoy the excitement of opening their presents.

"We went through the motions of having a Christmas Day and I broke the news to them the following day.

"They knew Daddy had been sick and I tried to explain to them that Daddy was now a star in the sky.... I tell the, Daddy is up there, always looking down on them, and how proud he'd be of them."

Lyndsay made the decision not to take Lily and Tommy to Rick's funeral, but she now thinks she ought to plan a personal goodbye for the youngsters.

She told Britain's HELLO! Magazine: "Over the last six months, the twins have matured fast emotionally. They've had to. But they haven't accepted Rick's death terribly well.

"I didn't want them to attend his funeral as it would have been too much for them - but they keep asking when the 'children's funeral' is. I feel they need some sort of closure.

"The concept of death is still a mystery to any child of that age."

Lyndsay, 58, admits she has "moments of weakness" while trying to come to terms with her grief.

She said: "Nobody tells you how to cope after bereavement - you just have to get on with it and stay mentally strong.

"There are days when I feel totally wiped out and overwhelmed by what I'm facing.

"But I try to focus on the day-to-day reality and go through the motions. I have moments of weakness every single day, but I try to be tough."