Ricky Wilson used to "throw up before every gig".

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman was riddled with anxiety before going on stage, but in hindsight, he realised it's the reason he's been "successful".

He explained: "Anxiety is weird. I used to throw up before every gig. Or I’d often be found in one of Nick’s [Hodgson, drummer] drum boxes, curled up sleeping. It worried me that I had that. But a doctor told me that anxiety is just grown-ups not being able to process excitement. It’s life-changing to think about anxiety as something that makes you you. It’s not a bad thing. It’s the reason that I’ve been successful."

The 43-year-old singer also admitted that the "very confident" person fans see on stage is often not how he feels "on the inside".

Referencing a remark music legend Sir Tom Jones - who Ricky appeared alongside as a coach on 'The Voice UK' with between 2014 and 2016 - made about him, Ricky said: "[Sir] Tom Jones called me a “nice bloke, no bull” in his autobiography. But I think there is a little bit of bull****. My job is to look very, very confident when that isn’t how I’m feeling on the inside. I remember being backstage in a dressing room, thinking what if that guy that comes on stage and does all the singing isn’t there anymore? It was really worrying."

Meanwhile, the 'I Predict A Riot' rocker revealed he was somewhat of a diva in his early touring days, as he'd always ask to change hotel rooms if it didn't have a bath.

He told The Times newspaper: "They called me Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen ['Changing Rooms' designer] because of it. Reception would give me the key and it was guaranteed that I’d be back downstairs within ten minutes. I always wanted a bath. At home, I don’t have baths. But if there’s one in a hotel, I’m in the bath using all the products. I’ve even got a shower cap on. I’d like to be able to get away with being the biggest diva."