Rio Ferdinand's 12-year-old son Lorenz is "so proud" of his father after he proposed to Kate Wright.

Rio Ferdinand's son Lorenz's comment (c) Instagram

Rio Ferdinand's son Lorenz's comment (c) Instagram

The couple announced they are getting married on Thursday (01.11.18) by posting the same photo of the moment former 'TOWIE' star Kate said yes to the retired footballer on the rooftop of the St. Regis Hotel as his three children, Lorenz, Tate, nine and Tia, seven, looked on during a family holiday together in Abu Dhabi.

And commenting on the Instagram post, Lorenz wrote: "So glad she said yes I'm so proud of u dad and Kate love u both so much (sic)"

Rio shared his son's message on his Instagram Story, and admitted: "My boy is trying to make his dad all emotional n 'S**t" (sic)"

Kate, 27, captioned the photo: "The perfect end to our holiday ... How could the answer not be yes."

Rio, 39, added on his post: "She said yes. How these 3 kids kept it a secret I'll never know."

The couple started officially dating in 2017 and their relationship blossomed as the former Manchester United player tried to rebuild his life following the death of his wife Rebecca Ellison at the age of just 34, due to breast cancer.

Speaking previously about their romance, Kate admitted she and the soccer pundit "just clicked" straight away.

She said: "Rio and I just clicked. I knew about the children and what had happened but at first I didn't give it much thought. When you meet someone you're just enjoying the moment, not thinking about how serious things might become.

"I fell in love with Rio, then I met the kids and fell in love with them. I realised, 'Wow, my life is going to change.' I couldn't be part of his life and not part of theirs. I knew it would be a challenge, but if you love someone you go with it and deal with the difficult stuff."

Kate also revealed that Rio's kids - whose mother was Rebecca - all want her and their dad to have a baby together.

She said: "The kids would like a little brother or sister; they say, 'I dreamt that you were pregnant.' But right now we're just happy with our little unit."

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