Robbie Williams considered suicide because of the "dark" energy of his London home.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

The 45-year-old singer admitted he was "doing a lot" of cocaine when he was living with an unnamed former girlfriend in Primrose Hill and was so disturbed by the mysterious comings and goings in the property, he threatened to end his life if he had to stay there any longer.

Speaking to Jo Wood on her 'Alien Nation' podcast, he said: "Instantly I picked up on it being weird and dark and having an energy. The first time it manifested itself as something physical the ghetto blaster came on.

"I was doing a lot of coke at the time. I would be in the house but hear footsteps go up the stairs. It got progressively worse. She thought it was her granddad.

"I would get in the car and whatever it was would jump in the backseat. Two months in, I couldn't deal with it any more. I thought if this stays with me I was going to commit suicide."

Eventually, the 'Angels' hitmaker reached a point where he was "too scared" to even brush his teeth so fled the house to stay at a hotel.

He said: "I got up one day, and there was a dark mist at the end of my bed. I was too scared to go and brush my teeth as I would have to walk through this mist.

"I just said to my girlfriend at the time, 'I am going now, are you going to come with me?'

"We went to the Swiss Cottage Marriott hotel. I was speaking to my A&R guy, I was explaining to him about what had happened and I said, rather dramatically, if it had stayed with me I would have had to kill myself."

Robbie - who has children Teddy, six, Charlton, four, and Coco, 10 months, with wife Ayda Field - later found out the house had been built on top of a Black Death burial site.