Roger Waters used his private jet to reunite a mother with her two children who were kidnapped by their father and taken to Syria.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

The 75-year old former Pink Floyd musician flew Felicia Perkins-Ferreira from Trinidad and Tobago to get her sons Mahmud, 11, and Ayyub, seven, who were abducted in 2014 by their Islamic State fighter father Abebe Oboi Ferreira, who is believed to have died in battle in Raqqa.

Abebe took the pair 4,000 miles away to live in the 'caliphate' in Syria, however, the brothers were found abandoned on the side of the road before ending up in the hands of Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces.

Clive Stafford Smith, the legal director of the charity Reprieve, mentioned the situation to 'The Wall' songwriter who vowed to cover any costs to reunite the family and made a personal plea to the government of Trinidad and Tobago to issue to Mahmud and Ayyub new passports.

In a statement Clive said: 'I was talking to Roger Waters, the founder of Pink Floyd, the famous rock and roll band ... He agreed to pay for it all and flew the mother over from Trinidad."

Speaking about the reunion, Clive told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "It was pretty cool .... we're going to make sure that they get on with a really productive, decent life.

"One of them said he wanted to be a professional cricketer, and the other one said he wanted to be a professional footballer."

The reunited family have since travelled to London where the two boys will receive counselling to help them recover from their horrifying ordeal.

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