Ronnie Wood's grandson Leo has been selected for the Team GB Boxing Squad.

Ronnie Wood's grandson selected for Team GB Boxing Squad

Ronnie Wood's grandson selected for Team GB Boxing Squad

The 16 year old - whose father Jamie is the son of Ronnie's ex-wife Jo Wood - will spend the next two years fighting championship bouts in the hopes of making it to the Olympics in Paris in 2024.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Ronnie couldn’t be more proud of Leo. The whole family is behind him and can’t wait to see how far he will go.

"As far as they’re concerned the sky’s the limit as Leo has so much potential.

"Getting a spot in Team GB is an amazing opportunity.

"Hopefully he’ll hit the big time and become a worldwide star like Ronnie."

Speaking last year about his boxing dreams, Leo said: "My first fight was nerve wracking. I can only kind of remember it. It was a hard one. I did win it though.

"I want to go into the England team and go into the Olympics and go pro."

Ronnie, 74, took on Jamie, 47, as his own when he started seeing Jo in 1979 and, despite their ups and downs over the years, Jamie and Ronnie are still close, although Jamie admitted they are more like "mates" these days.

He said: "Ronnie's not my dad. I think of him as a mate. We text now and again - you know, 'how are you mate, happy birthday' - but it's not a feud, it's just how its always been."

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