Rosamund Pike's career has turned out "probably better" that she imagined.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike

The 'Gone Girl' star has revealed she is incredibly "happy" in both her personal and professional life right now and also feels very "free".

Speaking to The Sunday Times' Culture magazine, she said: "I'm very happy in my skin - I'm happy in my life. My career has turned out probably better [than I imagined]. It's not just about being happy, it's about being free. A freedom to swing with the punches more."

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old actress previously insisted she is in an enviable position as an actress but she doesn't take the privilege for granted.

She shared: "I'm in a very unusual position and one that I do not take for granted, whereby I have some very interesting opportunities. I'm looking for things that are inspiring, provocative, that make me think. I've been learning a huge amount."

Two years ago, the Hollywood actress said she was happy in supporting roles, but these days she's just as comfortable to be the lead.

She said: "I think that probably bespoke a certain fear, didn't it? It suggested that if a film fails and you're number one, then it's on your head. That's the pressure of being number one on the call sheet. I wasn't number one on the call sheet [with 'Gone Girl'], I was number two [to Ben Affleck]. I've played two lead women in the past year and I've had great male actors support me. Now I'm like, 'Yes, I'm ready for this.'"

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