Rose McGowan is selling her house to fund her legal fees in her ongoing battle against Harvey Weinstein.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

The 44-year-old actress came forward with her accusations the disgraced producer last year when she claimed he had sexually harassed her and paid her to keep it quiet, and has since sought legal action against the executive.

And the 'Charmed' star has claimed the rising costs of the fees involved in the ongoing court case has forced her to sell her house in order to make ends meet.

Rose made the confession during a panel set up to promote her new E! documentary series 'Citizen Rose', which documents her journey as an outspoken advocate for women's rights.

The actress - who never mentioned Weinstein by name during the panel - said: "I have to sell my house right now to pay legal bills fighting the monster."

During the panel, Rose also distanced herself from Hollywood's #MeToo movement, as she claimed she doesn't believe change will come from those who hold power in the industry.

She said: "My platform is quite separate from #MeToo. It's not important for me to be seen as anything; I'm happy to live a private existence ... I'm just trying to stop international rapists and child molesters, it's as simple as that."

A preview for Rose's series was show during the Golden Globe awards on Sunday (07.01.18), which showed the star speaking candidly about her decision to speak up, and says she wants more action to be taken.

In the clip, she said: "I was in the middle of my second movie for his company, and I get assaulted. And I decided not to stay silent. I knew others were out there, and I knew there was a lot of us. Being brave doesn't mean your ankles don't shake and that you're not scared. I wish I had more middle fingers."