Roseanne Barr has "done some weird things on Ambien".

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

The 65-year-old actress previously blamed the drug, which is typically used as a treatment for sleeping problems, for her offensive tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to former US President Barack Obama, and she's now claimed the medication causes her to behave in strange ways.

She revealed: "Well, I've done some weird things on Ambien and I think a lot of people have. I've heard from thousands of people about it."

Roseanne's eponymous sitcom was cancelled earlier this year after she likened Jarrett to an ape on Twitter.

But in a soon-to-air TV interview on 'The Dr. Oz Show', the veteran star has once again suggested Ambien may have been partially responsible for her ill-advised tweet.

In quotes obtained by the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column, Roseanne said: "One guy got up and cooked a turkey and ate it - that was, like, four hours, if you think about it - and didn't remember it in the morning.

"And all the time that happens to me - when I go up in the kitchen and there's a whole box of Triscuits laid out and eggs cracked on the wall, cheese everywhere.

"I 'Ambien eat,' like how Tiger Woods 'Ambien drove'. It's a weird drug."

Last month, ABC president Channing Dungey said Roseanne "crossed a line that cannot be crossed" with her racist tweet.

Reflecting on the decision to fire Roseanne and cancel her sitcom, he said: "[The decision] was actually made very swiftly, and what I'm going to have to say is that it was nice that it was so clear to everyone that there wasn't a lot of debate and discussion about it. We knew what we wanted to do, and we did it.

"For us, we have had multiple instances with Roseanne, and certainly this tweet crossed the line that cannot be crossed, but it was for us a sense of enough is enough and something had to be done."

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