Rupert Everett thinks he's "too shy" for an actor.

Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett

The 61-year-old star still wonders whether he chose the right career, despite the success he's enjoyed in the industry over the years.

He explained: "I’ve realised too late that I’m too shy. I should never have done the job I’m doing. I’m not very good, and I kind of buckle under scrutiny."

Rupert also thinks that straight actors should be able to play gay characters in films and on TV shows.

The actor cited 2013's 'Behind the Candelabra' - which starred Matt Damon and Michael Douglas - as one successful example of straight actors playing gay protagonists .

Rupert told The Times newspaper: "My feeling has always been that I wouldn’t have missed the movie 'Behind the Candelabra' for anything.

"As a gay man I was touched by both of their performances. Because acting is acting, and it’s great for gay people to play straight roles too."

Rupert previously admitted to suffering "gay shame" during his younger years.

He explained: "I don’t look in the mirror. Not much. I’ve spent a long time looking in the mirror ... I had that gay shame when I was young.

"I wanted to be better looking all the time. I was always striving to look right."

Rupert actually thinks that age and experience have changed him as an actor.

He shared: "An actor is a group animal and a writer is a solitary animal. For a group person to isolate themselves and have just themselves to feed off is very complicated. Sometimes it goes well, but mostly it’s a process of endless reworking and getting it wrong."

Rupert also admitted that male stars used to have things much easier than their female counterparts.

He said: "You could be a man aged 73 and have a 22-year-old girlfriend. That’s all changed. The result for us is that we haven’t got roles going off into the grey distance."