Russell Kane has warned Will Smith’s Oscars slap could lead to drunken attacks on stand-up comics.

Russell Kane fears Will Smith’s Oscars slap will spark attacks on stand-ups

Russell Kane fears Will Smith’s Oscars slap will spark attacks on stand-ups

The 46-year-old British comedian insisted he's “qualified” to share his opinion on the Hollywood actor striking stand-up Chris Rock at the Oscars after he passed comment on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved hair in March, as before lockdown a furious audience member tried to punch him twice when he was performing at a corporate gig.

Russell ranted: “It happened to me so I’m qualified to comment on it.

“What Will did was wrong and made my job harder. It’s given permission to drunks to punch some guy around the head.

“He was a d******* for what he did and deserves the ban.”

It’s been said the 'King Richard' star punched him as his wife Jada, 50, sports a buzz-cut to hide her alopecia.

As a result, Will, 53, has been barred from Oscars events for a decade.

Russell said he is now censoring himself at his shows as he fears people’s looks may not be a “fashion choice”.

He added in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper: “Personally if I see a woman with no hair in the front row I'm not going to gamble that's a fashion choice. If someone is crying the comedy has stopped for me.”

He said about members of the public complaining about comedy: “It's like going to a nudist beach and complaining because you saw a willy.

“As soon as you pay your money, you've consented for a theatrical exchange of boundary pushing – within the law.

“How absurd to go to a comedy gig and complain you got offended.

“The problem is when someone films it and puts it online, the people who haven't consented see an edgy joke.

“I’m a people pleaser and like to be liked, but in the theatre if there was a gasp I would go over the top and start miming masturbation and go, ‘Shut up you b****’ and keep going because there's consent there.”