Russell Wilson spends a million dollars a year on staying fit.

Russell Wilson spends one million dollars staying fit

Russell Wilson spends one million dollars staying fit

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback confirmed the rumour that he flashes the cash when it comes to staying trim - to make sure his career lasts until his mid-40s - during a joint appearance with his wife Ciara, 36, on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (01.03.22)

After being asked about the validity of the claims by Jimmy, the 33-year-old football player said: “Yeah, it’s a process. It’s a lifestyle. I think, when you are trying to play as long as I’m trying to play — I’m trying to play until I’m 45. Yeah, for me the mentality, the focus level, everything you have to do has to be surrounded by that. It’s been an amazing journey for me so far.”

The ‘1,2 Step’ hitmaker - with whom Russell shares four-year-old daughter Sienna and their 19 month old son Win- is nothing but supportive.

Ciara - who also has seven-year-old son Future with her ex Future - told Jimmy: “No, I’m it with him” in response to whether she found his dedication to his physique annoying.

When Jimmy asked if they were “competitive with each other”, Ciara responded by saying: “We are both competitive by nature, so I think we use that to push each other.”

Russel admitted that pickleball was “an issue” for them while Ciara agreed

He said: “Pickleball is an issue. We argue over it,” however he said “the problem” was her being a bad winner.

Russell said: “The problem is she starts dancing if she beats me.”

Ciara concurred, quipping: “I kind of like to rub it in a little.”

However, the ‘Goodies’ hitmaker says the extra celebrations were because “he’s so good at everything”.

Ciara said: “He's good at everything so when I beat him it's a big victory so I have got to celebrate and I hold on to it.”