Saara Aalto wants to get married at Eurovision.

Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto

The former 'X Factor' star will represent her native Finland in this year's annual musical contest and if she wins, she'd love to make a grand gesture with fiancee Meri Sopanen - who she got engaged to in 2016 - even though they haven't done any planning for their nuptials.

She told Heat magazine: "We are very spontaneous - maybe if I win Eurovision, we'll get married the next day.

"I could have a veil in the green room and if I win, we'll get married right there."

The 30-year-old singer still needs to get through a semi-final to get into the grand final on May 12 with her song 'Monsters', and if she does, she's promised to show the audience something spectacular.

Saara - who also came second in the first season of 'The Voice of Finland' in 2012 - said: "I will make some kind of Eurovision history as I'm doing something that has never been done before...

"I am going to do the biggest show possible.

"Brian Friedman is the creative director - he did all my 'X Factor' perforrmances. What he originally planned was so big that the Eurovision people said it wasn't possible - they couldn't get the set piece on and off the stage.

"But it will still be spectacular."

Saara has previously bid to represent her country twice but came second on both occasions, so she's thrilled to finally be a part of the musical extravaganza.

She said: "Seeing Eurovision, everyone is colourful, bubbly, happy, loving and accepting.

"I've always loved that world.

"It's so dark in Finland and then you watch Eurovision and you're like, 'I want to be there'."