Sam Asghari's proposal to Britney Spears was "way overdue".

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got engaged last September

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got engaged last September

The 28-year-old actor got engaged to the 'Toxic' hitmaker last September after seven years of dating but he admitted he wishes he'd asked her to marry him years before them.

He admitted: “It was the right time four years ago, maybe. It’s way overdue.”

While Sam didn't want to share any details about his "extravagant" proposal, he teased he and the 40-year-old pop star - who is pregnant with their first child together - were alone apart from their dogs.

He told 'Access Hollywood': “It was very extravagant, and it was surprising. I did it in the best way possible, but it’s something you’ve got to keep secret. Some things you have to keep between us.”

The 'PBC' star presented Britney with a four-carat diamond engagement ring, which was inscribed with the word 'lioness', his nickname for her, and Sam was determined to buy the ring himself.

He explained: “I wanted to work and pay for it because, you know, a lot of celebrities get it for free for advertisement and stuff. I said, ‘I want it to mean something, and I want it to mean [something] from a working man."

The 'Black Monday' actor "doesn't want to know" if Britney - who has sons Sean Preston, 16, and 15-year-old Jayden with ex-husband Kevin Federline - is expecting a boy or girl until the baby is born.

He said: “That's (finding out the gender) up to [Britney], but I don't want to. It's something that I want to wait for.

"If it's a daughter, it's going to be the most spoiled princess ever. If it's a son, it's gonna be the toughest son. I'm gonna be tough on the kid."

When asked about his role as a dad, Sam admitted he "absolutely" wants to be "hands-on as much as possible".

He added: “This is my baby, my first baby.”

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