Sam Claflin has shunned working out to spend more time with his son.

Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin

The 'Journey's End' star admits fatherhood has changed him and whilst he really enjoyed exercising before, he would now rather spend the time with his son Pip, two.

He said: "Pip wakes us up about 6am or 7am - he's a good sleeper and we know we're lucky with that. One of us has to shower while the other is getting him breakfast, then it's straight into playtime. Pip started nursery recently and thinks he knows everything. We have two toy cockapoos, Rosie and Maisie, who are also very demanding of our attention.

"Breakfast might be scrambled eggs with chorizo on sourdough. I'll usually make a big pot of coffee while Laura drinks tea. It doesn't take me long to get ready - I basically use deodorant, that's it. I'm just not a moisturising kind of guy. I have very basic shampoos and shower gels - it's Laura who buys all the nice stuff. And I don't do all that much exercise. When I can, I go for a run, but I'd rather spend that hour with Pip."

And Sam - who's wife Laura Haddock is expecting the couple's second child - feels "lucky" to have such a supportive set of family and friends.

He added to The Sunday Times magazine: "I sleep well. I know I've been lucky. I have a family I love and a group of friends who are supportive. I've done work that challenges me and I've seen some beautiful places. I'm comfortable with who I am. Don't get me wrong, I can still have a moan and complain - don't we all? But my friends and family remind me how lucky I am, so I never lose sight of it for long."

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