Sam Faiers has named her son Paul Tony.

Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers

The former 'Only Way is Essex' star and partner Paul Knightley welcomed their son into the world on December 29 and it has now been revealed he has been named after his dad and uncle - just as the couple always planned.

Sam said: "We always wanted him to be called Paul after his dad.

"It's traditional and we didn't have any other names on the list, so he's Paul and his middle name is Tony after Paul's brother, his uncle Tony.

"We call him Baby Paul or just 'baby' at the moment.

"We haven't called him Paul yet."

Sam had planned to have a home birth but midway through her 22-hour labour, she had to be transferred to hospital after her temperature soared dangerously high.

She said: "My temperature had got really high and when it gets dangerously high you are prone to infection so the midwife made the decision for me to be transferred.

"Of course I wanted a home birth but we ended up in hospital.

"We're just grateful that he's happy and healthy."

Despite the last minute change of plans, the 25-year-old star didn't panic.

She said: "I was really chilled. I thought, 'This hasn't gone to plan but at this point I'm fine and the baby is fine' so let's take each step as it goes without making it a drama.'"

Paul added in an interview with OK! magazine "We just knew that's what we had to do and we were calm. Yes we wanted a home birth but it didn't go that way."

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