Sam Smith believes it's "important" to be a "selfish lover" sometimes.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

The 25-year-old pop star - who is dating '13 Reasons Why' actor Brandon Flynn - was asked how he hopes to fulfill his desire to be able to have orgasms at the "click of his fingers", and while he prefers to spend time making love, Sam also admits he needs to do whatever it takes to satisfy his own needs in the bedroom.

When asked by Kyle Sandilands on Australian radio programme 'The Kyle & Jackie O Show' on Monday (13.11.17): "What have you done to try and achieve this lifelong dream?", Sam replied: "I take my time, I like to love make."

Pressed by the radio presenter on his wishes of climaxing constantly without putting in any effort in the bedroom, the 'Too Good At Goodbyes' hitmaker said: "That's not making love is it, really? That's being a selfish lover."

However, when Kyle asked: 'You have to be selfish every now and then, right?", Sam concluded: "You have to be sometimes."

Last week, Sam revealed the three things that he'd most like to be able to do in his life and one of them was to be achieve sexual gratification instantly without any of the hard work involved.

He also wants to ensure his family are "happy" for the rest of their lives and be able to eat all the cheese he wants without gaining weight.

When asked if you had three wishes, what would they be, he said: "Number one: for my family and friends to be happy until the day they die, and that they live a long life. Number two: to be able to eat cheese and not put on weight. And number three: to be able to give yourself orgasms whenever you want. Like, to be able to click your fingers and you feel an orgasm, without any of the work."

Sam's orgasm confession came after he admitted he's now "great" at one night stands - but used to be "awful" at them.

The pop superstar never used to perform very well in the bedroom, but he believes he has since perfected his technique and impresses his lovers when they enjoy a steamy sex session.

Asked about how he fairs during a one night stand, he bragged previously: "I used to be awful, now I'm great. Now I've got it down, flip the hair."

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