Sandra Bullock channels Beyonce on the red carpet.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

The 53-year-old actress doesn't feel confident in the spotlight and doesn't know how to "work" the camera, so she gets annoyed if her awkward appearances are scrutinised.

She said: "I don't feel confident when I dress up and go on the red carpet. I'm not that person who knows how to work it. I try to channel Beyoncé. I do the same pose every time. I try not to dread that kind of stuff, but I do get incensed and think, 'How can they [the media] write this?' "

Sandra has been working with Mindy Kaling, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, and Dakota Fanning on the upcoming 'Ocean's 8' movie and producers were amazed at how close the cast got to one another.

She told the new issue of America's InStyle magazine: "They thought we'd hate each other, but the exact opposite was true."

And the Oscar-winning star - who has a son, Louis, eight, and a six-year-old daughter, Laila - formed a particularly strong bond with Sarah.

She added: "With Sarah [Paulson], it's like when you're in school with that friend, and the teacher says 'Stop talking,' and you just start crying and laughing. It's like a chemical imbalance. We're each other's little drug habit."

The 'Blind Side' actress has donated $500,000 to the Time's Up campaign because she felt it was her "duty" to help other women who don't have the wealth or status to do anything about being harassed.

she explained: "It's easy to give money to people who are incredibly brave and outspoken.

"But Time's Up is not just about the actors - it's about the single mom who's been abused, bullied, and sexually harassed...

"It's our duty to do whatever we can to help. I can safely say there is not one person I know who hasn't experienced some form of harassment or doesn't know someone it's happened to. It happened to me when I was 16. And you're paralysed to a degree...

"Up until recently it was the victim to was shamed, not the perpetrator."