Sandra Bullock is "not opposed" to having more children.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

The 52-year-old actress, who has seven-year-old son Louis and five-year-old daughter Laila, is reportedly planning to expand her brood "in the future", because motherhood has been the one thing she has been "most proud" of in her entire life.

Speaking to E! News about the brunette beauty and her plans to have a third child, a source said: "Sandra is not opposed to having more kids in the future. She has her hands full with her career, but having children is what she is most proud of in her life."

And the 'The Blind Side' star is rumoured to be happy in her relationship with photographer Bryan Randall and, although the pair are not married, they "pretty much" feel like husband and wife.

The source explained: "They have discussed spending their life together.

"[They consider themselves] pretty much [married]."

And Sandra, who split from her ex-husband Jesse James in 2010 after five years of marriage, feels "more in love now" with her partner than she ever has done in a relationship and is "really happy" with her dark-haired beau.

An insider said: "[She is] more in love now.

"He is a great guy and makes Sandra really happy."

Although the star's busy work schedule can make it "hard" for the pair to see one another "often", Bryan has no qualms about helping out with her two children, and reportedly acts like a natural father.

The source explained: "They are perfect. They have been both working so it was hard for them to see each other as often as they normally do, but while Sandra works Bryan helps out with the kids. He is like the kids' dad."

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