Sarah Ferguson thinks the late Princess Diana would be "proud" of Prince Harry for writing a tell-all memoir.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

The 36-year-old prince - who stepped away from royal life with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, last year - was recently revealed to be penning his life story for Penguin Random House and his decision to do so has been praised by the Duchess of York, who thinks he has a "lot to say".

Sarah, who was previously married to Harry's uncle, Prince Andrew, also praised Meghan for writing her own children's book, 'The Bench', earlier this year.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think the fact that Meghan's written a children's book is really good, well done her, because anyone that sits there writing a book, it's really hard.

"'Cause you have to keep it all very condensed, if it's children's. With Harry, I think he's got a lot to say and, really, I think Diana would be really proud of her sons, and their wives and the [grandkids].

"And he's such a good boy, you know, I think in life there's no question that there's far too judgment and there should be more compassion and support in every way on everybody.

"My mission statement of my charity is no race, creed, color or any other denomination - we stand together and we fight for the right for a child to dare to dream."

Meanwhile, the 'Her Heart for a Compass' author recalled how "proud" she felt when Diana - who died in a car accident in 1997 - helped her with the outfit she wore when her friend married Prince Charles in 1981.

She recalled: "Diana gave me the material to wear in turquoise, and it was really beautiful. She loved me wearing turquoise. ... She was my best friend, since she was 14 and I was 16. ... I couldn't have a better seat. And I was very proud that she gave me the material to wear to the wedding."

And while Sarah and Andrew - who have daughters Princess Beatrice and Eugenie together - split in 1992, they are "very happily divorced" to one another these days.

She said: "We are very happily divorced to each other. It seems to work. I suppose he understands that I have a lot to do in the world. I'm a philanthropreneur. You bet you've never heard that word before. A philanthropreneur from the heart. And my children have donated me to the world's children and now they've donated grandma to the world's children too. It's just where I'm happiest to be, to fly free, to build my skills.

"I just fly free. I'm very lucky to get on very well, but we do practice the 3 C's, which is communicate, compromise, and compassion."