Sarah Hyland won't let herself be body-shamed.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland

The 'Modern Family' star is naturally thin because of her kidney condition and hates that people think it is ok to shame her for her size just because she is famous.

She said: "For me it's just kind of like a natural reaction [to speak out]. And sometimes it gets too much to where I'm like, okay, I really need to make a statement right now because what is happening is not okay. And it happens all the time. People think that because you're in the public eye you sign up for criticism from random people and strangers. But I'm in this business because I love the craft, and I love the art of it, and I love creating and evoking emotions out of people."

And the 27-year-old actress - who is dating 'Bachelorette' alum Wells Adam - hates how people think they can just hide behind their keyboard and say what they want.

Speaking to People magazine about her critics, she added: "I just treat it like if someone's going to say a comment to me, I'm going to say a comment right back as if we're talking to my face. You're not behind a keyboard. You're basically talking to me."

Meanwhile, Sarah previously gushed about her boyfriend, admitting he is the only person who finds her funny.

She shared: "I don't know. I'm just ... I think I'm hysterical when I'm really not. I'll be like, 'This is an amazing bit that I have to put on my Instagram Story.' But the thing about Instagram Story is you don't get responses, so I don't know if people actually like them or not! I think the only person who actually somewhat finds me funny is my boyfriend. Thank God!"

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