Sarah Hyland knows what ring she wants her boyfriend to propose with.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland

The 27-year-old actress has been dating Wells Adams since last autumn and although it is still early days for the pair, she admitted she has dropped hints to her partner about the sort of jewellery she wants him to buy her if he ever does pop the question.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' at Lorraine Schwartz's new jewellery launch, she said: "I'm a 27-year-old woman at a jeweller's event, of course I have [thought about the ring].

"He knows what it is, so it's fine."

Sarah and Wells hinted they were more than just friends with a playful Instagram post in last October showing them dressed up as characters from 'Stranger Things' for Halloween.

The 'Modern Family' actress and the 'Bachelorette' alumni started their relationship off in an unconventional way by sending flirty tweets to each other, before Wells messaged her to tell her how "funny" he thought she was.

She recalled: "We had tweeted each other because I thought he was funny, and he was a fan of [my] show. I saw him as the bartender and I was like, 'That's really cute!'"

Sarah was a big fan of his reality dating show and she was initially attracted to his "confidence".

She added: "I was single, obviously, and was like, 'This is really awesome. You're being very forward and it's sexy and not aggressive, but very confident and sexy' and I liked that."

The pair have been inseparable since and Sarah recently shared the secrets of their romance by confessing they have a "thing" for alcohol and Mexican food.

She said: "I love tacos, he loves tacos ... we both love tacos. We have an obsession with tacos. Tacos and tequila, it's our thing."

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