Danny O'Donoghue

Danny O'Donoghue

The Script are one woman's hero for sure after pulling her from a car wreckage on Thursday, December 4.

The band were making their way to Key 103's Christmas Live Show in Manchester, England, when they sprung into action to help a woman out of her vehicle after she'd smashed into a roadside barrier.

Phoning local radio station Key 103 later that day, the driver praised the group explaining: "I was hit on the side and it kept spinning round and round. Then they got me out of the car.

"I gave them a cuddle before I left but never said thank you."

Later, the group explained how they'd ran to help the trapped motorist after ringing the emergency services, branding the incident as "scary".

Danny O'Donogue, the group's frontman said: "We called 911 then ran over to the car.

"She was trapped and saying she couldn't feel her legs, which was scary.

"But we managed to un-jam the door and get her out."

Despite the band rushing to her aid, they found it funny she didn't recognise them until after the incident. Realising who her saviours were when she was taken to their van, she couldn't contain her excitement.

Danny added: "We were sat there and suddenly she said, 'Oh my God, you're The Script!'

"Then she jumped out of the van. I was like, 'Sit down!' She's a big fan which is amazing."

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