Sean Bean once had a fan who sent him marijuana in the post.

Sean Bean

Sean Bean

The 60-year-old actor says he's had "a couple" of bizarre interactions with his fans, including one who used to send him letters in the post along with the illegal drug, as well as images of his face merged with her own.

Speaking about "crazy" fans, he said: "There's been a couple in the past, but they... one of them was sending me marijuana ... my wife was saying, 'You've got another letter, a marijuana letter'.

"Some of them are really crazy. She used to send me pictures of her face and mine morphed into one. She said, 'We are one. Me and I am you'. No [I didn't meet her]. I did something for 'Lord of the Rings', a PR thing, and she was in the audience, she tried to break through the barriers. They had to restrain her."

The former 'Game of Thrones' actor also spoke of a fan who has his signature tattooed onto her leg.

He added: "I know a woman who lives near me Mam who got my signature, she asked my mum if she could have my signature and she had it on her leg. Maybe I signed her leg ..."

Marijuana isn't the only weird thing Sean has been sent in the mail, as he revealed he was once mistaken for Rowan Atkinson and his popular character Mr. Bean, when he received a letter addressed to the "rubbery faced" star.

Sean explained during an appearance on 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "I got a letter once and it just said 'Mr Bean London' and it came to my house. It said, 'You made me laugh so much, and your rubbery face ...' I was like, hold on a minute. It was for Rowan Atkinson ... might have been me. But yeah, it was funny."

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