Shane Warne found it hard to compete with Hugh Grant while dating Elizabeth Hurley.

Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley

Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley

The 46-year-old retired cricketer split from fiancée Elizabeth in 2013 after a three-year relationship and he admitted her close friendship with her ex Hugh Grant was hard to deal with.

Speaking on Australia's 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!', Shane said: "It's hard on your new relationship when you're really good friends with the exes.

"Elizabeth was really good friends with Hugh, who is like her best friend. When I used to go back to Australia, if she wasn't leaving London, he'd come and spend the weekend at the house.

"I went, 'I tell you what. Tell him to come when I'm there'. [I told her] 'well, I knew Hugh before I knew you, so just tell him to come over'. But she said, 'Oh no, he feels uncomfortable.'"

Hugh, 55, and 50-year-old Elizabeth dated for 13 years before they split in May 2000 but have remained good friends.

And Elizabeth and Shane's relationship ended in 2013 but Elizabeth has insisted that she will always love him.

She previously said: "We finally parted ways in November (2013) and it was a very sad time for both of us. I struggled for a while but feel in a very good place today. In fact, both professionally and personally everything is blooming.

"Love isn't a switch that you can turn on or off at will and of course I still love him - we are part of each other's history."