Shania Twain's second marriage has been an "incredible re-strengthening of her confidence".

Shania Twain

Shania Twain

The 55-year-old singer has been married to Frederic Thiebaud since 2011, and she feels "very grateful" to have found love again after her split from first husband Robert John Lange.

Speaking about her divorce, she said: "The silver lining during all of that was falling into love with somebody [Frederic].

"He has been an incredible support through those difficult times.

"My second marriage has been an incredible re-strengthening of my confidence, of my will to even want to sing again.

"It is just amazing, the power of love, and I am very grateful to have found that again.

"I had been going along and enduring so much of what I had lost for a very long time.

"Finding the courage to regain my voice and getting back on stage again, taking all those risks.

"How about even taking the risk to fall in love again [laughs]."

Shania suffered a "life shattering" experience when her parents died in a car crash when she was 21.

But the 'From This Moment On' hitmaker admitted her 19-year-old son Eja - who she shares with Robert - has brought plenty of emotional "consistency and stability" to her since he was born.

When asked on podcast 'Allison Interviews' what experiences have been most formative for her, Shania added: "My youth, growing up in a small northern mining town in Canada was very formative.

"That upbringing has stayed with me in many ways, I would say permanently.

"My parents dying was a personal earthquake in my life, and life shattering.

"My first marriage was formative. Everything changed in my life as a result of my first marriage, both personally and creatively.

"That partnership [with Robert] created a change in my life forever.

"And having a child was an incredibly life changing experience, and a very beautiful one.

"My son has brought a lot of consistency and stability to me, emotionally."

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