Ozzy Osbourne is "on the road to recovery" after undergoing surgery this week.

Sharon Osbourne has given fans an update on Ozzy Osbourne's recovery

Sharon Osbourne has given fans an update on Ozzy Osbourne's recovery

The Black Sabbath legend's wife Sharon Osbourne revealed her husband is "doing well" after he underwent a major procedure on Monday (13.06.22) and she has thanked everyone for their kind words.

In an update on her Instagram Story, she wrote: "Our family would like to express so much gratitude for the overwhelming amount of love and support leading up to Ozzy's surgery!

"Ozzy is doing well and on the road to recovery! Your love means the world to him."

The 69-year-old star had previously explained that the 73-year-old musician was heading in for "a very major operation".

Without specifying the procedure or the nature of it, Sharon had said on 'The Talk': "[Ozzy] has a very major operation on Monday, and I have to be there.

“It’s really going to determine the rest of his life."

Ozzy has Parkinson's disease and previously suffered a nasty fall and dislodged metal rods placed in his spine following a quad-bike accident in 2003.

In April, Piers Morgan asked pal Sharon on 'Piers Morgan Uncensored' on TalkTV: "How is Ozzy, my great man?

"He is just one of my favourite people in the world. Been through the health wars a bit, how’s he doing?"

Sharon, 69, said the Black Sabbath rocker is keen to move back to England after his latest surgery.

She replied: "He’s doing okay, he sends you his love. He’s got one more operation left to do and then he’s dying to come back home."

Sharon recently admitted she now has to care for Ozzy "a lot" because of his health issues.

She said: “It’s very difficult, because the combination of the Parkinson’s and his accident, you go, well, which one is this? Why’s this happening? Why’s that happening?”

Ozzy previously opened up about his Parkinson’s diagnosis in a candid interview on US TV, in which he admitted the condition is “just another thing on my plate”.

He said: "Well the one question from me was, ‘Is it a terminal illness?’, and the guy says, ‘No, but life is’.

“It’s just another thing on my plate I have got to deal with. I’m not in the slightest worried about it."